About The PLAY

THE PLAY wants to create a universe of sports experiences from around the world. Sport is phenomenal, breathtaking, insane and beautiful and brings the whole world together across the board. Sport evokes memories and emotions with us.
Just as we have pictures hanging of family, friends, Monet and the Beatles, so of course we also framed the moment where we shed tears, hugged, were inspired and motivated - in the sign of the sport. We need symbols that express our personality and history and that we appreciate being reminded of.

THE PLAY is a graphic poster concept that pays homage to iconic moments from the world of sports. 
Our Nordic minimalist style reinvents the traditional sports poster in a format that visualizes the athletes' presentation and arouses the curiosity of the viewer. It fits into the modern home and at the same time it is both nerdy and detailed, which hopefully means that personal memories are linked up at every moment.









The Play # 3: Preben Elkjær's goal for 4-1 over Uruguay for the World Cup '86

The Play was founded by Philip Price and Nina Gyalokay. Nina is the creative force and is responsible for graphic production and development of the posters. Philip is the company's all-rounder who takes care of both printing, logistics and operations and in addition he nerds lots of cool sports clips, which must be said to be the ultimate job (for many). 












The idea for The Play arose a bit by chance among friends. We quickly realized that sports posters have not kept up with modern developments and therefore experimented with a concept that precisely frames the art, the emotions and the talents in a new interpretation. 

Nina is a trained engineer and has worked for several years in the architectural industry, where she has her graphic qualities from. She is a do-it-yourself person at heart and has been playing basketball for 15 years. Philip has a degree in communication and extensive experience in entrepreneurship. On a daily basis, he works as a project developer in a young, innovative Danish company, and can hit the ball clean on a good day. 

As a start-up company, we have a small workshop in the living room, where each play created by many hours of video research and learning about each sport, to get all the details and facts. We look forward to developing our business and not least our product catalog, so that everyone can find exactly the moment that means something to them.