Kim Bernhard joins as Co-founder and CEO

Kim Bernhard joins THE PLAY® as Co-Founder and CEO, bringing 20+ years of international media experience with WWE, Red Bull, Eurosport, and more. He will lead our global expansion, leveraging his expertise in media sales, strategy, and cross-border operations to drive growth and innovation. Welcome, Kim!

Kim Bernhard joins as Co-founder and CEO

We are thrilled to announce that Kim Bernhard has joined THE PLAY® as our new Co-Founder and CEO. With over 20 years of international executive experience in the media business, Kim brings a wealth of expertise and leadership to our team.

Kim's impressive career includes senior roles at renowned companies such as WWE, 34th America’s Cup, Red Bull Air Race World Championship, Red Bull International, Eurosport, and Viasat. His extensive background encompasses media sales, distribution, strategy development, strategy implementation, and broadcast production.

At THE PLAY®, Kim will lead our expansion into international markets, leveraging his deep understanding of cross-border operations, stakeholder engagement, and local team collaboration. His ability to maximize key business objectives and drive overall sales and media value makes him the perfect fit for our growing company.

We look forward to the exciting journey ahead as we expand our horizons and continue to deliver exceptional experiences to new and existing audiences worldwide.