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Kim Bernhard joins as Co-founder and CEO
Kim Bernhard joins PLAY as Co-Founder and CEO, bringing 20+ years of international media experience with WWE, Red Bull, Eurosport, and more. She will lead our global expansion, leveraging her expertise in media sales, strategy, and cross-border operations to drive growth and innovation. Welcome, Kim!
Decorating the VEO HQ with the PLAY folio
Our assignment was to install custom vinyl at VEO headquarters, featuring sports legends and scientists, fostering an inspiring environment. Challenges included scaling images without losing detail, maintaining a seamless blend of sports and science styles to create an uplifting atmosphere for workers and visitors.
Partnership: DBU (Danish National Football Team)
Introducing our exciting new collaboration with DBU and Denmark's national men's and women's football teams! Together, we're creating a collection of limited, exclusive prints and traditional posters that celebrate the iconic moments and historic achievements of Danish football. Stay tuned as we capture the passion and pride of our national teams in stunning detail, honoring their legacy with each meticulously crafted artwork.
Partnership with Astralis
Astralis, the renowned Danish esports giants celebrated for their legendary CS victories and innovative player care, have now joined forces with us. Together, we'll bring to life the unforgettable plays from Astralis' most iconic moments.
Collboration: Peter Gade
Celebrate the legendary career of Danish badminton icon Peter Gade with our exclusive poster collection. Featuring his epic 1999 All England victory against Taufik Hidayat and the thrilling World Championship quarterfinal win over Tien Minh Nguyen, these posters capture the pinnacle moments of Gade's career.
Partnership: with Lyngby Boldklub
Introducing our exciting new partnership with Lyngby Boldklub, a beacon of Danish football heritage and excellence. Together, we embark on a journey to celebrate the club's rich history and promising future through unique projects and collaborations. Stay tuned as we bring exclusive merchandise, engaging fan experiences, and innovative initiatives that deepen the bond between Lyngby BK and its passionate supporters.