Decorating the VEO HQ with the PLAY folio

Our assignment was to install custom vinyl at VEO headquarters, featuring sports legends and scientists, fostering an inspiring environment. Challenges included scaling images without losing detail, maintaining a seamless blend of sports and science styles to create an uplifting atmosphere for workers and visitors.

Decorating the VEO HQ with the PLAY folio

VEO: Revolutionising Sports with Accessible AI Technology

VEO Technologies is a Danish company specializing in sports technology solutions. Founded in 2015, the company is renowned for its AI-powered sports cameras and video analysis tools designed to simplify and enhance the process of recording, analyzing, and sharing sports footage.

Our assignment was to install custom vinyl on the interior glass at the VEO headquarters. The designs featured a mix of sports legends and important scientists, reflecting the core values of VEO. We faced challenges including scaling up the images without losing detail and blending the styles of sports and science seamlessly.


VEO technologies: Mockup the foil design created in the discovery process

Discovery Phase: Crafting Inspiration

During the discovery phase, we collaborated with the VEO team to develop a cohesive concept that extended beyond glass facades. This involved exploring options such as animated plays for screensavers and full-wall installations in locker rooms. Additionally, extensive research was conducted on various scientists to ensure accurate and meaningful representations.


Represented athletes and scientists


  • Diego Maradona: Argentine football legend, renowned for his skill and "Hand of God" goal, led Argentina to 1986 World Cup victory.

  • Megan Rapinoe: American soccer star, known for her activism and leadership, won two World Cups and an Olympic gold medal.

  • Michael Jordan: Legendary basketball player, six-time NBA champion with the Chicago Bulls, considered one of the greatest athletes in sports history.

  • Michael Laudrup: Danish footballer, famed for his elegance and vision, starred for Barcelona and Real Madrid, widely regarded as one of Denmark's best players.

  • Pelé: Brazilian football icon, won three World Cups, celebrated as one of the greatest and most influential footballers of all time.

  • Pernille Harder: Danish footballer, acclaimed for her versatility and scoring ability, multiple-time UEFA Women's Player of the Year.

  • Marie Curie: Nobel laureate in Physics and Chemistry, discovered radioactivity and elements polonium and radium, pioneering research in radiation.

  • Richard Feynman: Theoretical physicist, Nobel laureate, contributed to quantum mechanics and electrodynamics, known for engaging teaching and popular science writing.

  • Thomas Edison: Prolific inventor, developed the phonograph, motion picture camera, and practical electric light bulb, revolutionized electric utilities and entertainment.

  • Isaac Newton: Formulated laws of motion and gravity, foundational figure in classical physics, contributed to calculus and optics, pivotal scientist.
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